Purchase the DVD

Our feature length edition DVD of Stages is now available:

Educational or Institutional DVDs:

If you are a planning on using the film in a school, library, community center or other institution please purchase the film through our educational distribution coop, New Day Films.  Purchasing at the institutional rate also includes the rights to host your own screenings, invite the public, and even charge admission if you like.  We are self distributing the film and each purchase you make directly contributes to our outreach and distribution efforts.   Thanks for your support and enjoy the film.

Home-Use DVD’s:

If you are interested in purchasing an individual home-use copy of the DVD, please click here.   If you have any questions about if you should buy the home-use or educational version please contact us and let us know who you are and how you learned about the film.

Online Preview & Streaming:

Over at New Day Digital, there are a number of ways that you can preview or purchase a streaming version of the film. For only $5 you can watch the film online in it’s entirety, to decide if you’d like to purchase the DVD. You may also be interested in purchasing a license to stream the film so that viewers can access it anytime, anywhere across your institutional system.